The Nacarat

by Monobrow

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Old Man Doom
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Old Man Doom Love the riffs from these SciFi instrumentalists. Drink up some hooch and fire one up and let your mind play out the scenes the music interprets. Enjoy this one and worship the Riffage! Favorite track: The First Vague Rumblings of Impending Revolution.
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Bucky Monobrow have shed their riff lashes and shape-shifted their reflection in the form of a brand new concept album. ‘The Nacarat’ is their most ambitious work to date and continues on the progression of monstrously metallic hooks treading with progressive blues and exploding by way of class warfare. The Nacarat bridges the gap of instrumental stoner rock and downright lethal doom-laden ecstasy with a trail of fuzz so thick and groovy you’ll forget which side of the brow you reside
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Revolution; on a desert planet, against a ruthless king, who will stop at nothing to wipe the revolutionaries from existence. Rebels storm the massive glass towers, but are no match for the reflective powers of the planet's multiple suns. Just when all is lost, we see the rise of The Nacarat.


released May 31, 2017

Copyright SOCAN 2017
All music written by Monobrow
Recorded at Wolf Lake Studios by Mike Bond
Produced by Mike Bond and Monobrow
Mixed by Mike Bond and Monobrow
Mastered by Mike Bond
Additional Synthesizers by Shane Whitbread
Artwork and Design by Stephen MacDonald
Words by Ryan Kjrr



all rights reserved


Monobrow Ottawa, Ontario

‘The Nacarat’ evoke an opportunity for life versus the prospect of certain death in a battle between mystic and reality. Planetary fate lies in the minds of The Nacarat as Monobrow take you on an epic journey of sci-fi metal meets psychedelic stoner in this shocking saga of riff worship. Monobrow have only just begun their second coming of growth as a band with a captivating twist of their sound. ... more

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Track Name: The First Vague Rumblings of Impending Revolution

The four of us
Sit by the river
The only river we will ever know.
The blinding glare
Of the sand beneath us
With worshipping hearts we beg The Three
For today we wander
Into the darkness
To extinguish the light of the towers glean
We’ve only begun
To enjoy this river
The only river we will ever know.

With families starving
And fires raging
No water comes at the witching hour
The blinding glare
Of the sand beneath us
With worshipping hearts we beg The Three
For revolt is damning
We could never win
But to die without passion will never pass
We stand united
We face the glass
And from behind our masses, awakens The Nacarat.

The heat of the sands weakens
As the shadow of The Three ascends
Some cower with worship or fear
But those glorious spheres make clear their intent.
The walls of glass darken
The roar from the sands is deafening
Our young and feverous minds rush toward the heights
With worshipping hearts we beg The Three.
Track Name: Capes and Monocles
Airships abound
For the sands are for the weak
Wardrobe cases fill the cargo hold
As the one-eyed pilot makes his final approach
To the Grand Tower of Glass.

The Royal Committee on Obedience
Stages yet another assembly, sitting with hands crossed
In the Mighty Chamber of the Suns, with King Oligako
Perched atop his thrown, towering above
Cascading rows of subordinates
Flowing like a waterfall of elite nectar.

At once they rise.
The mighty solar wind blows capes
In the air like flapping flags
Large panes of glass give view of the skyline
Draped in thousands upon thousands of layers of glass
All reflecting the rage of the suns upon the weak in the sands.

At the exact moment their powerful King gives thanks
To The Three
A terrifying rumble comes from below
The sands begin to rise up, a roar of desperate voices
Sing songs of hope and revenge
And the sky begins to darken.

"Oh Three, You Glorious Three" the caped elite
Begin to sing. "Our tithe we give for this life we live
Oh Three, You Glorious Three"
But it is in fact The Three, the omnipotent Nacarat
That lines the sky and blinds the eyes of power and sight
For this is the night the heat of the sands climbs the glass walls.
Track Name: We Can Make it Look Like an Accident
Five carefully placed smoke bombs go off
Dark shadows dance across the bottom floor
Of Palace Oligako.
Guards begin to fall at their posts. The shadows
Move with the wind.
The great ascent has begun.

One by one, the shadows sweep the palatial levels.
Guards fall with swift and silent grace. The glass begins to darken
As The Three give blessing to the shadows. Only silence deafens.
A red mist fills the air, as the space between life and death does tear
One shadow meets another.
The great ascent has begun.

As the tower steepens, the glass does point.
The throne room stands alone.
King Oligako feels the mist of the shadows.
The alarm is sounded.
From its monumental cage, an ancient force of both sand and glass awakens
For it has been 2112 cycles since its slumber last abated.
With the speed of maddening rage, the Warlord Attanotia fills
The Big Sky with a flash of diamond light as he rides his Black Horse
Into the heat of the shadows.
The great ascent has begun.

Swinging wildly into the mists, Attanotia hits nothing.
The shadows lift lightly away.
The guards at each of the gate stations stand alive and well
With their hands of the draw wires. For it has been an illusion.
The great ascent has begun.

The shadows lift in laughter, as all gates begin to open.
At first the roar is faint, but as quickly as Attanotia arrived
The levels of Palace Oligako began to fill with the young and starving.
The Warlord swings with a force no match for the revolt, many will never
See the river again.

Hundreds are slaughtered, yet more fill the levels to die fighting.
The Den of the Warlord darkens, and Attanotia turns to face the glass
With a slight swell, The Nacarat grow tired of this menace, and without
The slightest change in the wind, the warlord is swept away in the shadows
Leaving only the faintest mist. King Oligako stumbles back into his thrown.

There is only one chance.
It will be His last stand.
The tower now dances with song of the young and starving
The King must regain control. Release the Twin Sheiks.
Track Name: Twin Sheiks
The true menace of The Three hovers high above
The Towers of Glass cower in imminent defeat
The shadow of the revolution rises from below and begins to strangle
Oligako must react. The King must rise.

Crawling, brawling, whimpering, limping and lying
The King makes his way to the layer of last hope.
An ancient language of numbers and high speak is needed to turn the key
A few loyal soldiers guard Oligako as he enters the code - shadows begin to fill the room

With no knowledge of what this code brings, The King slams down on the glass case
Shards fly, soldiers die, and the Twin Sheiks are released.

With a rumble strong enough to shift the mind of a zealot
A growth of steel and glass rises from the depths of the sands
The Nacarat know these beasts, know them well, and quickly back off

Now dwarfing even the King's tower, The Twin Sheiks stare down at The Nacarat with disgust and disdain, waiting to strike.
The hovering spheres begin to spin, increasing speed until only a blur is visible in the desert sky
As if taking in an immense breath, the Twin Sheiks expand and contract, throwing a beam of light at The Three, freezing them in place.

Slowly, yet rapidly growing in speed.
The Nacarat begin to fall toward the city.
The shadows stop and look to the skies.
The moment has come. The moment is now. The moment is lost.
The four may never see that river again.
The only river they ever knew.
Track Name: The Decline of the West and Other Small Tragedies